• The Basement Pop Up Shop


    I been a member of this community for a few months now and its muaaaaad. It’s just a sick thing and people know their stuff about streetwear. Come thruuuuu, its due to be ill.

  • Cadet : Slut Freestyle

    Cadet taps in to that pain and story telling lanes to drop this freestyle. it’s done hell’a things for his profile.

  • Nick Brewer : YoungMan Standing

    Nick Brewer fresh(ish) off his signing to Island, drops an ill break down of early grime culture. Gliding over Ruff Sqwad’s “Together” he paints that picture of those days that really resonates with man. The references show his love for grime and its fully an if you know, you know type biz. Nick smoothes all over this beat and i’m looking forward to hearing his album.

  • 10 Years of Lord Of The Mics


    It’s mad to think its been 10 years since Lord of The Mics started. I remember getting the first dvd from Slammin Vinyl Records and watching it through like 5 times in a row. Anyway 10 years down the line, the world has moved on and now there will be an rave with some crazy battles. Get your tickets here

  • Music Nation : Open Mic

    This was posted time ago, but its such a sick documentary about the early days of grime. And y’all know we about them times. Shout out Channel 4, Ewen Spencer and the all the artists for making this happen.